Apologies and Corrections

We’v resurrected the feline mug this evening, with apologies, America. It turns out it hales from Germany after all, which goes a long way to explain the glass shell. It’s still true about the waste of perfectly good tea, though, and our various misadventures in ordering it.

Tonight’s cup is called Sunny C, in what we assume is another terrible play on words by way of a nod to the orange thing that was Sunny D(elight). Really, leave the puns to dads and uncles, Calendar. Anyway, like that vaguely orange-adjacent drink, this too purports to be full of oranges and citrus vitamin stuff. It certainly smells of it. So why conjure images of imitation orange juice?

(It’s probably a terribly clever reference to sun and vitamin C we’ve missed. Forgive us. And do explain if so minded.)

Anyway, it tastes of citrus, sort of like Lemsip if you swap the lemon for orange and take out the nasty medicinal stuff. Though we want it on record we’re great fans of Lemsip and would never willingly malign it. It even beats out Lemsip for taste; hot orange is a fruit we appreciate when steeped in tea. It does well in oolong, too.

For you North American readers who’ve never had the good fortune to be rescued by Lemsip, apologies. We’ve been fixed Britain-ward all day because of the election. We helped hang parliament once, and we cast an opinion on Scottish Independence, and also Brexit.

We did not, by the by, vote Brexit. But we got our way about Independence, so figure the perils of democracy mean something had to give somewhere down the line. But you didn’t come here for our thoughts on Brexit and we didn’t get to vote Jim Hacker into parliament. Probably just as well since we hear Sir Humphrey has since been elected to the House of Lords. Anyone know where Bernard ended up?

There is, and we know because we looked, poetry out there on Brexit and politics generally. Some of it is even darkly funny. We’ll let you hunt it down if you’re so minded. Instead, here’s something short, sweet, and fruity to go with the tea. It even purports to be an apology, and really, wherever you fall on this thing, one must be due from all sides by now. We submit various parties trade them in-between negotiating terms of this deal that’s supposed to be happening. But until then, have some poetry.

This is Just to Say
William Carlos Williams

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox
and which
you were probably
for breakfast
Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold
Enjoy the plums. We’re sticking with the citrusy herbal tisane over here in Narnia, oh, until March or so.

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